Sylvan Nursery

Westport, MA
Scope: Wind Turbine Design and Construction

Completion Date: 2006/2007

Project Description:
Stephen Kelleher Architects, Inc. and Lighthouse Electrical Contracting, Inc. along with kWind, Inc. joint ventured in providing two 10kW Bergey Wind Turbines for Sylvan Nursery in Westport, MA. SKA provided design for the first mono pole 10kW turbine. These small turbines augment the energy needs for the 300 acre nursery. The heights of the structures vary from 80 feet to 120 feet high.

Staff Assigned:
Stephen L. Kelleher, AIA
Principal In Charge
Charles J. Fougere, Project Manager

kWind, Inc.
Construction Managment/Permiting
Stephen L. Kelleher, President