Sylvan Nursery

Westport, MA Scope: Wind Turbine Design and Construction Completion Date: 2006/2007 Project Description: Stephen Kelleher Architects, Inc. and Lighthouse Electrical Contracting, Inc. along with kWind, Inc. joint ventured in providing two 10kW Bergey Wind Turbines for Sylvan Nursery in Westport, MA. SKA provided design for the first mono pole 10kW turbine. […] Read more »

Carlson Orchard

Harvard, MA Scope: Solar Array Design and Construction Project Description: A two acre 220 kW ground mounted solar array at the Carlson Orchard, is the largest agricultural solar installation in Massachusetts as of 2010. The system was designed and built by Lighthouse Electric Contracting, Inc of Rockland, Stephen Kelleher Architects, […] Read more »

Boston Public Schools

Boston, Ma Scope: Solar Arrary Design and Construction Completion Date: 2010 Project Description: In a joint venture effort, SKA, Lighthouse Electrical Contracting, and KWind, Inc. provided demonstration solar p.v. systems for three Boston Public Schools. Boston Latin School was equipped with a 35kW roof mounted system, Murphy School with a […] Read more »

Bartletts Farm

Bartlett Farm 250 kW Nantucket, MA Stephen Kelleher Architects, Inc. and our subsidiary company kWind, Inc. worked together on the permitting and foundation for the Wes 250 kW wind turbine at the 1843 Bartlett Farm located at the center of Nantucket Island. The project was to offset the energy need […] Read more »