Horseneck Beach – Central Facilities

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Scope: Schematic Design through Construction Administration.

Completion Date: 2009

Project Description:
The existing central beach plaza currently consists of four at grade concrete bunker-like structures clustered loosely around an immense concrete plaza. The buildings were built at one time, are over fifty years old, and were severely deteriorated. They include a bathhouse/shower structure, a concession building, an administration building, and a lifeguard/first aid building. The new central plaza design proposes removal of these structures, and substantial reduction of the plaza while accommodating needed staff and handicap parking. A new Beach Services Building, shingle style in appearance, is elevated with the surrounding deck to allow sand migration and flood surges. The new building contains 1/3rd of the public restroom accommodations for the beach, year-round administration offices, and a lifeguard and first aid station. Also in the site plan is a “place holder” for a future concession building. The net result is that approximately 54% of previously paved area is reclaimed as green space, which will allow the dunes to re-establish naturally.

Staff Assigned:
Stephen L. Kelleher, AIA – Principal In Charge